Why Task Consulting....The answer is simple

Task Consulting,  is unique among our competitors

Task Consulting's founding principle is to provide affordable professional claim services so our clients can make well informed decisions.  Our team of experts will employ the latest technology to accurately capture the extent of the claimed loss.  The documentation is then used  by our cost estimators to develop undisputable claim costs. We are a licensed public adjusting firm operating in 10 states.  Hire one of our licensed claim professionals to represent your insurance claim interests as a public adjuster and they will work towards the settlement of your claim from day one of your loss. Data shows claims settled by public adjusters typically settle for more than the insurance companies originally offered. 

Our licensed professionals have spent years in the insurance claims industry and understand the settlement process from the insurer’s perspective allowing us to maximize the claim proceeds while decreasing the amount of time to reach a final settlement.  Our contract with you guarantees that Task Consulting will be paid by your claim proceeds at the time of final settlement and will only receive compensation if an additional award is made after the initial settlement offer.

Occasionally, our clients ask for the necessary resources to settle property loss claims on their own.  In most cases Task Consulting does not advise insureds to take this route.  The claim process is time consuming, technically challenging, and requires the full-time support of a public adjuster to understand the policy language, maximize claim proceeds, and decrease the time it takes to reach final settlement.  However, we realize that all insurance claims and insureds are unique to themselves.  Task consulting is unique to the industry by providing an on-line portal where individual services and information can be obtained via our claim consulting platform.

Whether you hire us for an individual claim task or would like to hire us to process your property claim from start-to-finish you will receive the same high level of service.  Visit our two lines of practice and decide which tack fits your claim needs.