The Property Insurance Claim Process Explained

Navigating the claim process is difficult without having the proper resources to make informed decisions.  Task Consulting strives to develop impartial claims information in front of their clients so they can make informed decisions tailored to their own needs.  Follow along below to better understand the claim process.

  1. File the claim with the insurer and ask for a copy of the policy, endorsements, and any policy limits.

  2. Protect the property from further damage.

  3. Decide whether a licensed public adjuster is required to represent your property interests.

  4. Preliminary claim documentation.

  5. Fully Document the loss.

  6. Develop cost impact to the property.

  7. Notify insurer of cost impact.

  8. Request partial payment of claim by insurer.

  9. Negotiate final scope of work and cost of mitigation and repairs with insurer.

  10. Receive settlement offer form insurer.

  11.  Accept offer, renegotiate settlement, or move claim to appraisal.

  12. Undergo insurance appraisal process.

  13. Accept appraisal award or litigate claim.