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What is the difference between a public adjuster, insurance adjuster, and independent adjuster?  A public adjuster has a fiduciary responsibility to protect the interests of the policy holder, work on behalf of the insured and is paid by the insured.  An insurance adjuster works on behalf of the insurance company and is paid by the insurance company.  An independent adjuster is a paid expert experienced in insurance claims and hired to protect the insurance company in the claim process.

Are you required by your policy to only use a Insurance Adjuster for the claim process?  The answer is simple, you have the right to impartial representation in the claim process.  The insurance company can afford to hire expert adjusters and consultants to work on their behalf.  Insurance adjusters work for the insurer to protect their interests in the claim process.  A public adjuster will work solely on the behalf of the property owner to protect the interests of the property owner.

How can a public adjuster help you recieve more claim money?  Public adjusters act as a second set of eyes in the claim process.  Increased settlement awards are often obtained by properly identifying the scope of work for repairs, ensuring all policy provisions have been included in the final settlement, providing full documentation of the loss, and negotiating a final settlement with insurance company. As directed by the  Laws of FLorida Chapter 2009-97, the Florida Legislature Office of Program  Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPPAGA) released Report 10-06 analyzing claim settlement data form 2008 to 2009 time period.  Of note, while claims handled by public adjusters took marginally longer to settle the awards where consistently higher.

What are the benefits of working with a public adjuster?   

  • In depth analysis of policy provisions and language.

  • Reduced stress by allowing a licensed professional document the loss, prove the claim, and negotiate the final settlement with the insurance company.

  • Possibility of a higher settlement amount.

  • More free time to do the things you like and added security of knowing that you have hired a licensed professional to protect your claim interests.

When should you hire a public adjuster?  

  • You're filing a large complicated claim requiring expert recommendations and documentation.

  • You lack confidence in the insurance adjusters assessment and valuation of the loss.

  • You require further understanding of the provisions afforded the insured under the policy language.

  • You don't have time, experience or knowledge required to prove your claim.

  • You want assurance that someone on your behalf is examining all aspects of the policy and affected damages in order to ensure the most favorable outcome for the insured.

What is Flood insurance and why is it needed?  Most homeowners policies do not cover damage attributed to flooding.  Only flood insurance covers the cost of rebuilding after a flood.  The FEMA National Insurance website provides a warning from NOAA on flooding due to 2023 hurricane season.   Remember, FEMA defines flood coverage as, " losses directly caused by flooding. In simple terms, a flood is an excess of water on land that is normally dry, affecting two or more acres of land or two or more properties.